• PlantUML Diagrams

    MarkBind offers integration with PlantUML in your pages, allowing you design and write UML diagrams (and more) using PlantUML syntax, which is then compiled and served as images.

    Java and Graphviz must be installed to use this feature

    • Java 8 or later (required to run the PlantUML JAR executable)
    • Graphviz v2.38 or later (required to generate all diagrams)


    A PlantUML diagram file (.puml) can be inserted into a Markbind page using a <puml> tag. The <puml> tag supports the same attributes as the <pic> tag, listed below:


    Name Type Default Description
    alt string This must be specified.
    The alternative text of the diagram.
    height string The height of the diagram in pixels.
    src string This must be specified.
    The URL of the diagram.
    The URL can be specified as absolute or relative references. More info in: Intra-Site Links
    width string The width of the diagram in pixels.
    If both width and height are specified, width takes priority over height. It is to maintain the diagram's aspect ratio.




    alice -> bob ++ : hello
    bob -> bob ++ : self call
    bob -> bib ++  #005500 : hello
    bob -> george ** : create
    return done
    return rc
    bob -> george !! : delete
    return success

    Markbind page:

    <puml src="diagrams/sequence.puml" width=300/>


    The full PlantUML syntax reference can be found at plantuml.com/guide

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