• site.json File

    The site.json file The directory that contains all the project files. It is also the directory in which the site.json configuration file is located.root directory is used to configure various aspects of a MarkBind website.

    Here is a typical site.json file:

      "baseUrl": "/myproduct",
      "faviconPath": "myfavicon.png",
      "titlePrefix": "FooBar Dev Docs",
      "style": {
        "bootstrapTheme": "bootswatch-cerulean",
        "codeTheme": "light"
      "pages": [
          "src": "index.md",
          "title": "Hello World",
          "layout": "normal",
          "searchable": "no",
          "externalScripts": [
          "frontmatter": {
            "header": "header.md"
          "glob": "topics/**/*.md",
          "globExclude": ["topics/*/appendix/*.md"],
          "layout": "subtopic"
      "pagesExclude": ["subsite/**/*.md"],
      "externalScripts": [
      "deploy": {
        "message": "Site Update.",
        "repo": "https://github.com/myorg/myrepo.git",
        "branch": "gh-pages"
      "globalOverride": {
        "footer": "my-footer.md"
      "ignore": [
      "plugins" : [
      "pluginsContext" : {
        "filterTags" : {
          "tags": ["tag1", "tag2"]
      "headingIndexingLevel": 4


    The base url relative to your domain. Default: ""(empty).

    If you are deploying to the site to GitHub pages, the baseUrl setting in the site.json should be set to the "/<repositoryName>" for the links in the deployed site to work correctly.
    Example If you are using Github Pages to host your deployed website at repo myorg/myproduct (i.e., the website is published at https://myorg.github.io/myproduct), then your baseUrl should be "/myproduct".


    The location of the favicon. Default: favicon.ico.

    If the favicon was recently changed, you may need to force-refresh the Browser to see the new image.


    The prefix for all page titles. The separator - will be inserted by MarkBind.


    (Optional) The styling options to be applied to the site. This includes:

    • bootstrapTheme (Optional) The theme for the generated site. Uses the default Bootstrap theme if not specified. See User Guide: Themes for more details.

    • codeTheme [Optional. Default: "dark"]
      The theme used for fenced code blocks. Accepts either "light" or "dark".


    An array of pages to be rendered.

    • src/glob
      • src can be used to specify a single file, or an array of files.
        Examples docs/index.md or [ 'docs/index.md', 'docs/userGuide.md' ]
      • glob can be used alternatively to define a file pattern in the glob syntax, or an array of such file patterns.
        Examples **/*.md or [ '**/*.md', '**/*.mbdf' ]
    • globExclude: An array of file patterns to be excluded from rendering when using glob, also defined in the glob syntax.
    • title: The page <title> for the generated web page. Titles specified here take priority over titles specified in the front matter of individual pages.
    • layout: The layout to be used by the page. Default: default.
    • searchable: Specifies that the page(s) should be excluded from searching. Default: yes.
    • externalScripts: An array of external scripts to be referenced on the page. Scripts referenced will be run before the layout script.
    • frontMatter: Specifies properties to add to the front matter of a page or glob of pages. Overrides any existing properties if they have the same name, and overrides any front matter properties specified in globalOverride.

    Note: Page properties that are defined in site.json for a particular page will override those defined in the front matter of the page.

    Note: If multiple src (pages) or glob (globs) attributes match a file, MarkBind will merge properties from all entries. If there are conflicting properties, pages are given priority over globs. If there are multiple matching glob entries, the last entry is given priority.

    Example Multiple entries matching index.md:

      "pages": [
          "src": "index.md",
          "title": "Hello World",
          "searchable": "no"
          "glob": "*.md",
          "layout": "normal",
          "searchable": "yes"

    The following properties will apply to index.md:

      "src": "index.md",
      "title": "Hello World",  // Inherited from page
      "layout": "normal",      // Inherited from glob
      "searchable": "no",      // Page takes priority over glob


    An array of file patterns to be excluded from rendering. The exclusion pattern follows the glob syntax.

    This property is the global variant to the globExclude property and is functionally identical to it. If the two are used at once, the file patterns from both properties will be combined when excluding pages.


    An array of external scripts to be referenced on all pages. To reference an external script only on specific pages, externalScripts should be specified in pages instead. Scripts referenced will be run before the layout script.


    Globally overrides properties in the front matter of all pages. Any property included in the global override will automatically be merged with the front matter of every single page, and override them if the property exists.


    An array of file patterns to be ignored when copying files to the generated site. By default, MarkBind will copy all the files as assets of the generated site.

    The ignore pattern follows the glob pattern used in .gitignore. For example, *.md ignores all markdown source files.


    The settings for auto-deployment to Github pages.

    • message [Optional. Default: "Site Update."]
      The commit message used for the deployment commit.

    • repo [Optional. Default: the current working project's repo]
      The repo you want to deploy to.
      Format: "https://github.com/<org|username>/<repo>.git" ("git@github.com:<org|username>/<repo>.git" if you use SSH)
      Example "https://github.com/myorg/myrepo.git"

    • branch [Optional. Default: "gh-pages"]
      The branch that will be deployed to in the remote repo.

    plugins, pluginsContext

    A list of plugins to load. Plugins are user-defined extensions that can add custom features to MarkBind. pluginsContext contains settings to be applied to the loaded plugins. See User Guide: Using Plugins for more details.

    The example above uses tags as an example of configuring plugin settings, refer to the filterTags plugin for more details.


    The level of headings to be indexed for searching. Default: 3 i.e., only headings of levels 1,2,3 will be indexed for searching.


    Specifies that the website should use MarkBind's search functionality. Default: true. See User Guide: Making the Site Searchable for more details.


    Turn off html beautification done by js-beautify for html files generated by MarkBind. By default, MarkBind beautifies the HTML files it generates, which helps in user-friendly viewing and editing. You can choose to turn this option off to improve the performance of the MarkBind build process.

    To turn off the option, add the following to site.json -

    "disableHtmlBeautify": true,


    Time zone of the time stamp. Default: "UTC".


    [source: https://stackoverflow.com/a/54500197/5885921 ]


    Language by locale used for the time stamp. Default: "en-GB" (English (United Kingdom)).
    The date format is thus -
    <Day>, <Date> <Month> <Year>, <24-hour Time> <Time Zone Code>.

    af_NA: "Afrikaans (Namibia)",
    af_ZA: "Afrikaans (South Africa)",
    af: "Afrikaans",
    ak_GH: "Akan (Ghana)",
    ak: "Akan",
    sq_AL: "Albanian (Albania)",
    sq: "Albanian",
    am_ET: "Amharic (Ethiopia)",
    am: "Amharic",
    ar_DZ: "Arabic (Algeria)",
    ar_BH: "Arabic (Bahrain)",
    ar_EG: "Arabic (Egypt)",
    ar_IQ: "Arabic (Iraq)",
    ar_JO: "Arabic (Jordan)",
    ar_KW: "Arabic (Kuwait)",
    ar_LB: "Arabic (Lebanon)",
    ar_LY: "Arabic (Libya)",
    ar_MA: "Arabic (Morocco)",
    ar_OM: "Arabic (Oman)",
    ar_QA: "Arabic (Qatar)",
    ar_SA: "Arabic (Saudi Arabia)",
    ar_SD: "Arabic (Sudan)",
    ar_SY: "Arabic (Syria)",
    ar_TN: "Arabic (Tunisia)",
    ar_AE: "Arabic (United Arab Emirates)",
    ar_YE: "Arabic (Yemen)",
    ar: "Arabic",
    hy_AM: "Armenian (Armenia)",
    hy: "Armenian",
    as_IN: "Assamese (India)",
    as: "Assamese",
    asa_TZ: "Asu (Tanzania)",
    asa: "Asu",
    az_Cyrl: "Azerbaijani (Cyrillic)",
    az_Cyrl_AZ: "Azerbaijani (Cyrillic, Azerbaijan)",
    az_Latn: "Azerbaijani (Latin)",
    az_Latn_AZ: "Azerbaijani (Latin, Azerbaijan)",
    az: "Azerbaijani",
    bm_ML: "Bambara (Mali)",
    bm: "Bambara",
    eu_ES: "Basque (Spain)",
    eu: "Basque",
    be_BY: "Belarusian (Belarus)",
    be: "Belarusian",
    bem_ZM: "Bemba (Zambia)",
    bem: "Bemba",
    bez_TZ: "Bena (Tanzania)",
    bez: "Bena",
    bn_BD: "Bengali (Bangladesh)",
    bn_IN: "Bengali (India)",
    bn: "Bengali",
    bs_BA: "Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina)",
    bs: "Bosnian",
    bg_BG: "Bulgarian (Bulgaria)",
    bg: "Bulgarian",
    my_MM: "Burmese (Myanmar [Burma])",
    my: "Burmese",
    yue_Hant_HK: "Cantonese (Traditional, Hong Kong SAR China)",
    ca_ES: "Catalan (Spain)",
    ca: "Catalan",
    tzm_Latn: "Central Morocco Tamazight (Latin)",
    tzm_Latn_MA: "Central Morocco Tamazight (Latin, Morocco)",
    tzm: "Central Morocco Tamazight",
    chr_US: "Cherokee (United States)",
    chr: "Cherokee",
    cgg_UG: "Chiga (Uganda)",
    cgg: "Chiga",
    zh_Hans: "Chinese (Simplified Han)",
    zh_Hans_CN: "Chinese (Simplified Han, China)",
    zh_Hans_HK: "Chinese (Simplified Han, Hong Kong SAR China)",
    zh_Hans_MO: "Chinese (Simplified Han, Macau SAR China)",
    zh_Hans_SG: "Chinese (Simplified Han, Singapore)",
    zh_Hant: "Chinese (Traditional Han)",
    zh_Hant_HK: "Chinese (Traditional Han, Hong Kong SAR China)",
    zh_Hant_MO: "Chinese (Traditional Han, Macau SAR China)",
    zh_Hant_TW: "Chinese (Traditional Han, Taiwan)",
    zh: "Chinese",
    kw_GB: "Cornish (United Kingdom)",
    kw: "Cornish",
    hr_HR: "Croatian (Croatia)",
    hr: "Croatian",
    cs_CZ: "Czech (Czech Republic)",
    cs: "Czech",
    da_DK: "Danish (Denmark)",
    da: "Danish",
    nl_BE: "Dutch (Belgium)",
    nl_NL: "Dutch (Netherlands)",
    nl: "Dutch",
    ebu_KE: "Embu (Kenya)",
    ebu: "Embu",
    en_AS: "English (American Samoa)",
    en_AU: "English (Australia)",
    en_BE: "English (Belgium)",
    en_BZ: "English (Belize)",
    en_BW: "English (Botswana)",
    en_CA: "English (Canada)",
    en_GU: "English (Guam)",
    en_HK: "English (Hong Kong SAR China)",
    en_IN: "English (India)",
    en_IE: "English (Ireland)",
    en_IL: "English (Israel)",
    en_JM: "English (Jamaica)",
    en_MT: "English (Malta)",
    en_MH: "English (Marshall Islands)",
    en_MU: "English (Mauritius)",
    en_NA: "English (Namibia)",
    en_NZ: "English (New Zealand)",
    en_MP: "English (Northern Mariana Islands)",
    en_PK: "English (Pakistan)",
    en_PH: "English (Philippines)",
    en_SG: "English (Singapore)",
    en_ZA: "English (South Africa)",
    en_TT: "English (Trinidad and Tobago)",
    en_UM: "English (U.S. Minor Outlying Islands)",
    en_VI: "English (U.S. Virgin Islands)",
    en_GB: "English (United Kingdom)",
    en_US: "English (United States)",
    en_ZW: "English (Zimbabwe)",
    en: "English",
    eo: "Esperanto",
    et_EE: "Estonian (Estonia)",
    et: "Estonian",
    ee_GH: "Ewe (Ghana)",
    ee_TG: "Ewe (Togo)",
    ee: "Ewe",
    fo_FO: "Faroese (Faroe Islands)",
    fo: "Faroese",
    fil_PH: "Filipino (Philippines)",
    fil: "Filipino",
    fi_FI: "Finnish (Finland)",
    fi: "Finnish",
    fr_BE: "French (Belgium)",
    fr_BJ: "French (Benin)",
    fr_BF: "French (Burkina Faso)",
    fr_BI: "French (Burundi)",
    fr_CM: "French (Cameroon)",
    fr_CA: "French (Canada)",
    fr_CF: "French (Central African Republic)",
    fr_TD: "French (Chad)",
    fr_KM: "French (Comoros)",
    fr_CG: "French (Congo - Brazzaville)",
    fr_CD: "French (Congo - Kinshasa)",
    fr_CI: "French (Côte d’Ivoire)",
    fr_DJ: "French (Djibouti)",
    fr_GQ: "French (Equatorial Guinea)",
    fr_FR: "French (France)",
    fr_GA: "French (Gabon)",
    fr_GP: "French (Guadeloupe)",
    fr_GN: "French (Guinea)",
    fr_LU: "French (Luxembourg)",
    fr_MG: "French (Madagascar)",
    fr_ML: "French (Mali)",
    fr_MQ: "French (Martinique)",
    fr_MC: "French (Monaco)",
    fr_NE: "French (Niger)",
    fr_RW: "French (Rwanda)",
    fr_RE: "French (Réunion)",
    fr_BL: "French (Saint Barthélemy)",
    fr_MF: "French (Saint Martin)",
    fr_SN: "French (Senegal)",
    fr_CH: "French (Switzerland)",
    fr_TG: "French (Togo)",
    fr: "French",
    ff_SN: "Fulah (Senegal)",
    ff: "Fulah",
    gl_ES: "Galician (Spain)",
    gl: "Galician",
    lg_UG: "Ganda (Uganda)",
    lg: "Ganda",
    ka_GE: "Georgian (Georgia)",
    ka: "Georgian",
    de_AT: "German (Austria)",
    de_BE: "German (Belgium)",
    de_DE: "German (Germany)",
    de_LI: "German (Liechtenstein)",
    de_LU: "German (Luxembourg)",
    de_CH: "German (Switzerland)",
    de: "German",
    el_CY: "Greek (Cyprus)",
    el_GR: "Greek (Greece)",
    el: "Greek",
    gu_IN: "Gujarati (India)",
    gu: "Gujarati",
    guz_KE: "Gusii (Kenya)",
    guz: "Gusii",
    ha_Latn: "Hausa (Latin)",
    ha_Latn_GH: "Hausa (Latin, Ghana)",
    ha_Latn_NE: "Hausa (Latin, Niger)",
    ha_Latn_NG: "Hausa (Latin, Nigeria)",
    ha: "Hausa",
    haw_US: "Hawaiian (United States)",
    haw: "Hawaiian",
    he_IL: "Hebrew (Israel)",
    he: "Hebrew",
    hi_IN: "Hindi (India)",
    hi: "Hindi",
    hu_HU: "Hungarian (Hungary)",
    hu: "Hungarian",
    is_IS: "Icelandic (Iceland)",
    is: "Icelandic",
    ig_NG: "Igbo (Nigeria)",
    ig: "Igbo",
    id_ID: "Indonesian (Indonesia)",
    id: "Indonesian",
    ga_IE: "Irish (Ireland)",
    ga: "Irish",
    it_IT: "Italian (Italy)",
    it_CH: "Italian (Switzerland)",
    it: "Italian",
    ja_JP: "Japanese (Japan)",
    ja: "Japanese",
    kea_CV: "Kabuverdianu (Cape Verde)",
    kea: "Kabuverdianu",
    kab_DZ: "Kabyle (Algeria)",
    kab: "Kabyle",
    kl_GL: "Kalaallisut (Greenland)",
    kl: "Kalaallisut",
    kln_KE: "Kalenjin (Kenya)",
    kln: "Kalenjin",
    kam_KE: "Kamba (Kenya)",
    kam: "Kamba",
    kn_IN: "Kannada (India)",
    kn: "Kannada",
    kk_Cyrl: "Kazakh (Cyrillic)",
    kk_Cyrl_KZ: "Kazakh (Cyrillic, Kazakhstan)",
    kk: "Kazakh",
    km_KH: "Khmer (Cambodia)",
    km: "Khmer",
    ki_KE: "Kikuyu (Kenya)",
    ki: "Kikuyu",
    rw_RW: "Kinyarwanda (Rwanda)",
    rw: "Kinyarwanda",
    kok_IN: "Konkani (India)",
    kok: "Konkani",
    ko_KR: "Korean (South Korea)",
    ko: "Korean",
    khq_ML: "Koyra Chiini (Mali)",
    khq: "Koyra Chiini",
    ses_ML: "Koyraboro Senni (Mali)",
    ses: "Koyraboro Senni",
    lag_TZ: "Langi (Tanzania)",
    lag: "Langi",
    lv_LV: "Latvian (Latvia)",
    lv: "Latvian",
    lt_LT: "Lithuanian (Lithuania)",
    lt: "Lithuanian",
    luo_KE: "Luo (Kenya)",
    luo: "Luo",
    luy_KE: "Luyia (Kenya)",
    luy: "Luyia",
    mk_MK: "Macedonian (Macedonia)",
    mk: "Macedonian",
    jmc_TZ: "Machame (Tanzania)",
    jmc: "Machame",
    kde_TZ: "Makonde (Tanzania)",
    kde: "Makonde",
    mg_MG: "Malagasy (Madagascar)",
    mg: "Malagasy",
    ms_BN: "Malay (Brunei)",
    ms_MY: "Malay (Malaysia)",
    ms: "Malay",
    ml_IN: "Malayalam (India)",
    ml: "Malayalam",
    mt_MT: "Maltese (Malta)",
    mt: "Maltese",
    gv_GB: "Manx (United Kingdom)",
    gv: "Manx",
    mr_IN: "Marathi (India)",
    mr: "Marathi",
    mas_KE: "Masai (Kenya)",
    mas_TZ: "Masai (Tanzania)",
    mas: "Masai",
    mer_KE: "Meru (Kenya)",
    mer: "Meru",
    mfe_MU: "Morisyen (Mauritius)",
    mfe: "Morisyen",
    naq_NA: "Nama (Namibia)",
    naq: "Nama",
    ne_IN: "Nepali (India)",
    ne_NP: "Nepali (Nepal)",
    ne: "Nepali",
    nd_ZW: "North Ndebele (Zimbabwe)",
    nd: "North Ndebele",
    nb_NO: "Norwegian Bokmål (Norway)",
    nb: "Norwegian Bokmål",
    nn_NO: "Norwegian Nynorsk (Norway)",
    nn: "Norwegian Nynorsk",
    nyn_UG: "Nyankole (Uganda)",
    nyn: "Nyankole",
    or_IN: "Oriya (India)",
    or: "Oriya",
    om_ET: "Oromo (Ethiopia)",
    om_KE: "Oromo (Kenya)",
    om: "Oromo",
    ps_AF: "Pashto (Afghanistan)",
    ps: "Pashto",
    fa_AF: "Persian (Afghanistan)",
    fa_IR: "Persian (Iran)",
    fa: "Persian",
    pl_PL: "Polish (Poland)",
    pl: "Polish",
    pt_BR: "Portuguese (Brazil)",
    pt_GW: "Portuguese (Guinea-Bissau)",
    pt_MZ: "Portuguese (Mozambique)",
    pt_PT: "Portuguese (Portugal)",
    pt: "Portuguese",
    pa_Arab: "Punjabi (Arabic)",
    pa_Arab_PK: "Punjabi (Arabic, Pakistan)",
    pa_Guru: "Punjabi (Gurmukhi)",
    pa_Guru_IN: "Punjabi (Gurmukhi, India)",
    pa: "Punjabi",
    ro_MD: "Romanian (Moldova)",
    ro_RO: "Romanian (Romania)",
    ro: "Romanian",
    rm_CH: "Romansh (Switzerland)",
    rm: "Romansh",
    rof_TZ: "Rombo (Tanzania)",
    rof: "Rombo",
    ru_MD: "Russian (Moldova)",
    ru_RU: "Russian (Russia)",
    ru_UA: "Russian (Ukraine)",
    ru: "Russian",
    rwk_TZ: "Rwa (Tanzania)",
    rwk: "Rwa",
    saq_KE: "Samburu (Kenya)",
    saq: "Samburu",
    sg_CF: "Sango (Central African Republic)",
    sg: "Sango",
    seh_MZ: "Sena (Mozambique)",
    seh: "Sena",
    sr_Cyrl: "Serbian (Cyrillic)",
    sr_Cyrl_BA: "Serbian (Cyrillic, Bosnia and Herzegovina)",
    sr_Cyrl_ME: "Serbian (Cyrillic, Montenegro)",
    sr_Cyrl_RS: "Serbian (Cyrillic, Serbia)",
    sr_Latn: "Serbian (Latin)",
    sr_Latn_BA: "Serbian (Latin, Bosnia and Herzegovina)",
    sr_Latn_ME: "Serbian (Latin, Montenegro)",
    sr_Latn_RS: "Serbian (Latin, Serbia)",
    sr: "Serbian",
    sn_ZW: "Shona (Zimbabwe)",
    sn: "Shona",
    ii_CN: "Sichuan Yi (China)",
    ii: "Sichuan Yi",
    si_LK: "Sinhala (Sri Lanka)",
    si: "Sinhala",
    sk_SK: "Slovak (Slovakia)",
    sk: "Slovak",
    sl_SI: "Slovenian (Slovenia)",
    sl: "Slovenian",
    xog_UG: "Soga (Uganda)",
    xog: "Soga",
    so_DJ: "Somali (Djibouti)",
    so_ET: "Somali (Ethiopia)",
    so_KE: "Somali (Kenya)",
    so_SO: "Somali (Somalia)",
    so: "Somali",
    es_AR: "Spanish (Argentina)",
    es_BO: "Spanish (Bolivia)",
    es_CL: "Spanish (Chile)",
    es_CO: "Spanish (Colombia)",
    es_CR: "Spanish (Costa Rica)",
    es_DO: "Spanish (Dominican Republic)",
    es_EC: "Spanish (Ecuador)",
    es_SV: "Spanish (El Salvador)",
    es_GQ: "Spanish (Equatorial Guinea)",
    es_GT: "Spanish (Guatemala)",
    es_HN: "Spanish (Honduras)",
    es_419: "Spanish (Latin America)",
    es_MX: "Spanish (Mexico)",
    es_NI: "Spanish (Nicaragua)",
    es_PA: "Spanish (Panama)",
    es_PY: "Spanish (Paraguay)",
    es_PE: "Spanish (Peru)",
    es_PR: "Spanish (Puerto Rico)",
    es_ES: "Spanish (Spain)",
    es_US: "Spanish (United States)",
    es_UY: "Spanish (Uruguay)",
    es_VE: "Spanish (Venezuela)",
    es: "Spanish",
    sw_KE: "Swahili (Kenya)",
    sw_TZ: "Swahili (Tanzania)",
    sw: "Swahili",
    sv_FI: "Swedish (Finland)",
    sv_SE: "Swedish (Sweden)",
    sv: "Swedish",
    gsw_CH: "Swiss German (Switzerland)",
    gsw: "Swiss German",
    shi_Latn: "Tachelhit (Latin)",
    shi_Latn_MA: "Tachelhit (Latin, Morocco)",
    shi_Tfng: "Tachelhit (Tifinagh)",
    shi_Tfng_MA: "Tachelhit (Tifinagh, Morocco)",
    shi: "Tachelhit",
    dav_KE: "Taita (Kenya)",
    dav: "Taita",
    ta_IN: "Tamil (India)",
    ta_LK: "Tamil (Sri Lanka)",
    ta: "Tamil",
    te_IN: "Telugu (India)",
    te: "Telugu",
    teo_KE: "Teso (Kenya)",
    teo_UG: "Teso (Uganda)",
    teo: "Teso",
    th_TH: "Thai (Thailand)",
    th: "Thai",
    bo_CN: "Tibetan (China)",
    bo_IN: "Tibetan (India)",
    bo: "Tibetan",
    ti_ER: "Tigrinya (Eritrea)",
    ti_ET: "Tigrinya (Ethiopia)",
    ti: "Tigrinya",
    to_TO: "Tonga (Tonga)",
    to: "Tonga",
    tr_TR: "Turkish (Turkey)",
    tr: "Turkish",
    uk_UA: "Ukrainian (Ukraine)",
    uk: "Ukrainian",
    ur_IN: "Urdu (India)",
    ur_PK: "Urdu (Pakistan)",
    ur: "Urdu",
    uz_Arab: "Uzbek (Arabic)",
    uz_Arab_AF: "Uzbek (Arabic, Afghanistan)",
    uz_Cyrl: "Uzbek (Cyrillic)",
    uz_Cyrl_UZ: "Uzbek (Cyrillic, Uzbekistan)",
    uz_Latn: "Uzbek (Latin)",
    uz_Latn_UZ: "Uzbek (Latin, Uzbekistan)",
    uz: "Uzbek",
    vi_VN: "Vietnamese (Vietnam)",
    vi: "Vietnamese",
    vun_TZ: "Vunjo (Tanzania)",
    vun: "Vunjo",
    cy_GB: "Welsh (United Kingdom)",
    cy: "Welsh",
    yo_NG: "Yoruba (Nigeria)",
    yo: "Yoruba",
    zu_ZA: "Zulu (South Africa)",
    zu: "Zulu"

    [source: https://stackoverflow.com/a/28357857/5885921 ]