Working with Sites

Working with Sites

Setting Site Properties

Setting site-wide properties of a MarkBind site is done by updating the site.json file found and the project root. For example, it can be used to set the deploy destination, themes to apply, plugins to use etc.

More info in: User Guide → Setting Site Properties

Using Plugins

A plugin is an extension that adds additional features to MarkBind. Some non-essential MarkBind functionalities are provided as plugins so that you can enable/disable/configure them as necessary. MarkBind also supports adding external plugins (written by you or other third parties).

More info in: User Guide → Using Plugins

Making the site searchable

MarkBind comes with with an in-built site search facility with the option to use third-party search services as well.

More info in: User Guide → Making the Site Searchable

Applying Themes

MarkBind supports the ability to style your website with a variety of bootstrap themes.

More info in: User Guide → Themes

Deploying the Site

A site generated by MarkBind can be deployed by simply uploading the generated files to any Web server. In addition, MarkBind provides several convenient deployment options.

More info in: User Guide → Deploying the Site

MarkBind in the Project Workflow

As MarkBind is especially optimized as a project documentation tool, it integrates well with the workflow of software project.

More info in: User Guide → MarkBind in the Project Workflow